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Monday, 27 November, 2023
Schokoladenkuchen-Kochbuchs Kostenlos herunterladen (Germany) Leckere Schokoladenkuchen-Rezepte mit köstlichen Dekorationen zum Selbermachen Hier herunterladen https://liebedeutschland.wixsite.com/kostenloserezepte  -
Friday, 24 November, 2023
Novels by Joel Goulet (All regions) Joel Goulet has written several novels since the year 2000. His novels are in the formats of eBooks, paperback, and hardcover, available in several countries depending upon title and format. Novels are in the genres of suspense, mystery, western, horror, ...  $3.00
Monday, 20 November, 2023
Vallincourt Nothing But Time a novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) Alexander Vallincourt hires on as a cabin boy on a ship which becomes entrapped in an **** flow near the North Pole, forcing the crew to abandon ship. Vallincourt becomes lost and nearly succumbs to the elements. Rescued by an Inuit tribe Vallincourt is g...  -
Sunday, 19 November, 2023
Austin Miller a sci-fi novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) Austin Miller looked upon the alien war lord. Being the first human upon Mars was overshadowed by the shocking discovery of extraterrestrial life. The aliens so expertly masked their true intent. Capable of interplanetary flight, they thought themselves s...  -
Friday, 17 November, 2023
Thundering Vengeance novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) A black car with a powerful, fire-spewing engine causes deadly accidents involving police officers. A police department seeks to stop the car, but soon questions what they are chasing. The lethal car and its driver seem possessed. Nothing the police have ...  -
Thursday, 16 November, 2023
The Swiss Guard novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) He fought in a war for the French King. He pledged his life to protect the Pope when Rome was sacked. He fell in love with a woman the emperor was obsessed with. Now, the young Swiss Guard will risk his life to rescue the only woman he ever loved, even if...  -
Tuesday, 14 November, 2023
3333 Years King Tut novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) King Tut slept undisturbed in his tomb for more than three thousand three hundred years. Now, King Tut walks again amongst the living. The ancient spells of the Book of the Dead have given the boy king new life, but they have also brought forth a frighten...  -
Sunday, 12 November, 2023
Silver Fox novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) Haunting memories of a war event draws Marshal Boedel and Colonel Brown together for the first time in several years. In an all-but-dead town they find themselves pitted against a mystical foe they thought had been done away with in the swamps. The marsha...  -
Friday, 10 November, 2023
The Secret Of Washington Island novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) A group of ransom seekers take over an island, forcing hundreds of residents into being hostages. But they have set foot on the wrong island where an alien being takes exception to the wrongdoing on HIS island, turning the situation into a nightmarish ord...  -
Tuesday, 07 November, 2023
Blood in the darkness novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) A serial killer has a large city gripped in a state of fear. The murderer crosses an ocean and ignites fear across an entire continent. The question goes from WHO is doing the killing, to WHAT is doing the killing. The police are determined to find the an...  -
Monday, 06 November, 2023
Death of the Apocalypse novel by Joel Goulet (All regions) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse make a disturbing appearance in a large city. The Horseman Death breaks away and unleashes havoc on the city. A police lieutenant and sergeant work to track down Death, while not completely sure of what it is they are l...  -
Best Book Subscription Boxes In UK-Gift For avid Readers (London, United Kingdom) Looking for the ideal gift for a book-loving friend or family member? Look no further! Our book boxes make for an unforgettable present that keeps giving month after month. Whether it's for a birthday, ****, or just a thoughtful gesture, Box of Stories gu...  -