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Thursday, 02 April, 2020
Register your business with IBP HUB at just RS. 199 (Ahmedabad, India) “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Promote your business worldwide with IBP at just Rs. 199/- Indian Business Pages is the great place to expand your network and find new customers. So, what are you waiting for? Get your company regi...  $199.00
Wednesday, 01 April, 2020
Cloud Solution Provider (Raleigh, North Carolina) PointClick Technologies enterprise-level **[Cloud Solution Provide][1]**r, Hosting & IT infrastructure solutions and managed IT services to business clients. [1]: https://www.pointclick.net/  -
Tuesday, 24 March, 2020
PCI Compliance Consulting Services (Raleigh, North Carolina) Looking for a **[PCI Compliance Consulting Services][1]**. Check out our faster, secure and managed cloud server that are PCI & HIPAA Compliant. [1]: https://www.pointclick.net/services/  -
Monday, 23 March, 2020
VPS Managed Hosting (Raleigh, North Carolina) PointClick's **[VPS managed hosting][1]** offers consistent performance & security to support your most complex applications. View all of our managed hosting solutions. [1]: https://www.pointclick.net/managed-hosting/  -
Friday, 20 March, 2020
Reforming a Case for Equality | Kristina Villarini | Lambda Legal (New York, California) Kristina Villarini | Digital Director | Lambda Legal, currently sits as the only queer woman of color driving for the oldest & largest LGBTQ legal advocacy Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Kristina Villarini,Lambda Legal,Digital...  -
Thursday, 19 March, 2020
Benefits of Using Natural Stone Tile Flooring (Jaipur, India) Natural stone tiles have been used by architects, engineers, and designers for decades now. Not just because they are reliable, but they never go out of fashion. They give you the desired effects of elegance, luxury, or sophistication. If you are looking ...  -
Wednesday, 18 March, 2020
MgO Systems | Developing More Sustainable Building Solutions (Chicago, Illinois) MgO Systems recognizes traditional materials for constructing walls, roofs & floors demonstrate unacceptable performance when it comes to devestaing effects Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Todd McKay,MgO Systems Ltd,Sustainable...  -
Tuesday, 17 March, 2020
A Skilled Client-Oriented Professional | Alexandra Levin | Womin.io (Chicago, Illinois) Alexandra Levin, CEO of Womin.io, promoting diversity efforts among workforce. Womin.io is a decentralized employment marketplace powered by blockchain tech Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Alexandra Levin,Womin.io,Skilled Client-Or...  -
Indian Pebbles Stone Suppliers (Jaipur, India) Elegant natural stones, **[Indian Pebbles Stone Suppliers][1]** with varieties including commercial grade pebbles, colored pebbles, white color pebbles, river pebbles, etc. [1]: https://www.elegantnaturalstones.in/natural-stone-pebbles.html  -
Fabric Inspection Machine Manufacturers in India (Bangalore, India) **Amith Garment Services** are the eminent manufacturers & suppliers of **[Fabric Inspection Machine in Bangalore, India.][1]** Our company equipment are highly designed to match the requirements of textile & garment industries to examine any kind...  -
Monday, 16 March, 2020
C2XCEL A Leading Technology Consulting Provider | Jim McNeese (Chicago, Illinois) C2XCEL is a professional technology advisory firm, providing strategic technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and enterprise-level companies Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Jim McNeese,C2XCEL,SDWAN,strategi...  -
Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions (Raleigh, North Carolina) Get the best **[Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions][1]** at PointClick. PointClick offers fully managed public, private, hybrid & cloud security services. [1]: https://www.pointclick.net/cloud/  -
Friday, 13 March, 2020
Leading Experts in Health Care Industry | Laura Fleet | SendaRide (Oklahoma, Illinois) Laura Fleet CEO, Co-founder of SendaRide. Laura leads by example, contributing to the success of the team of dedicated staff Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,SendaRide,Expert in Health Care Industry,Laura Fleet,Proficient Leader,Non...  -
Thursday, 12 March, 2020
Enabling a Better Quality of Life for Everyone | Dr Joanne M. Hackett (Ohio City, Illinois) Joanne M. Hackett, CCO Genomics England, an accomplished entrepreneur, scientist & strategist with experience in execution & management of complex business Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Dr Joanne M Hackett,CCO Genomics,Ac...  -
Globally Acclaimed Leader in Business Management | Alejandra Guzman (Chicago, Illinois) In an interview with CIO LOOK, Alejandra Guzman, VP, Performance Management & Strategy emphasizes on her impeccable contribution for her organization Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Alejandra Guzman,New Orleans Business Allianc...  -
Wood Chipper Company (Hangzhou, China) Ningbo Lizhong Industry Co., Ltd is a middle size factory founded in 2007, We are a [Wood Chipper Company][1], Log Splitter Manufacturer. We have Mini Dumper for Sale and ATV Log Trailer. [1]: https://www.lizhongindustry.com  -
Wednesday, 11 March, 2020
Dana Taylor | IT-CNP Inc | A Prominent Cloud Service Provider (Washington, Maryland , Illinois) IT-CNP, Inc. has been delivering secure network infrastructure, hosting and cyber security services exclusively for federal agencies. Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,IT-CNP Inc,GovDataHosting division,Prominent Cloud Service Provid...  -
Trailblazing Market-Disrupting Enterprise Solutions | Gary Lyng (Chicago, Illinois) Gary Lyng | CMO | VIOLIN SYSTEMS. His charismatic leadership in defining the compelling vision, strategy with the execution of 360-degree go-to-market. Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Gary Lyng,Disrupting Enterprise Solutions,Trail...  -
Managed Cloud Security Services (Raleigh, North Carolina) PointClick's **[Managed Cloud Security Services][1]** provides support to your most complex applications. View all of our managed hosting solutions. [1]: https://www.pointclick.net/managed-hosting/  -
Monday, 09 March, 2020
Ines Henriques | Ynvisible | Global Leader-ELECTROCHROMIC DISPLAY (Ohio City, Illinois) Ines Henriques | Ynvisible has developed a technology that allows for printing inks that change color in response to a small electrical current Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,Ynvisible,Ines Henriques,Printed Electrochromic Display...  -
Meaning of HODL for Cryptocurrency (All regions) The **[meaning of HODL][1]** is a very important concept in the field of cryptocurrency, If talk about HODL for a long period until such assets appreciate as the best cryptocurrency investment strategy. [1]: http://bit.ly/best-crypto-to-hodl  -
Business Continuity Management Consulting (Raleigh, North Carolina) We offer **[business continuity management consulting][1]** as a service. We manage back-ups and data recovery to protect your data at all times, so there’s no worrying about failover plans, storage, or monitoring your backup success ratio. [1]:...  -
Necessity of IoT in Healthcare Industry | Best online business magazine (California, Illinois) In order to improve the patients’ health, each and every tiny detail must be taken into consideration to make the most advantageous move for the patients Best Business Magazine,Best Online Business Magazine,IOT in Healthcare Industry,Benefits of IOT ...  -