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Friday, 26 April, 2019
Franchise & Business Opportunities in UttaraKhand (UttaraKhand, India) Uttarakhand is located in Northern India, where the key sectors are agro-based industries, IT and ITeS, aromatic plants. The state is the largest producer of magnesite, apples, and walnuts. It is a home for food and beverage industry where mega food park ...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in sikkim (sikkim, India) Sikkim is located in Northeastern India with Bhutan, China, and Nepal as its neighboring nations. Agriculture is the major sector with rice, maize, tea, soybean, ginger, and many more as part of the core crops. Floriculture, hydropower, and other small se...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Orissa (Orissa, India) Orissa or Odisha located on the east coast of India and along the Bay of Bengal, is home for mineral based industries. The state is the largest producer of metals, horticulture crops such as cashewnut, brinjal, cabbage, and sweet potato. Odisha started an...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Nagaland (Nagaland, India) Nagaland located in the north-east of India, is a predominant agrarian state where agriculture and allied activities like horticulture are core sectors. The state is known for organizing exhibition to showcase its traditional Naga Morungs, cuisines, herba...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Manipur (Manipur, India) Manipur is a state in the Northeastern part of India. The state shares international border with Burma and is surrounded by valleys and mountains, making a great getaway for tourists. Apart from the geography, the economy of the state majorly lies in the ...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Kerala (Kerala, India) Kerala, God’s own country of India – is known for its scenic beauty of backwaters and lush greenery. A hotspot for the national tourists, it’s a hub for ayurvedic therapies, spices, coffee, coir, and coconut. These abundant resources have given birt...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Jammu & Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir, India) Jammu & Kashmir, located on the Northern – most part of India, has China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan as the state’s neighboring nations. Jammu & Kashmir enclosed within mountains and valleys is not only a perfect tourist destination but also is...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Himachal Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh, India) Himachal Pradesh is located in the western Himalayas. Another state known for its tourists attraction because of the scenic beauty. There are many industries that are the gateway for the state’s economic growth, one of which is tourism. Other industries...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Goa (Goa, India) Goa is a hotspot state for both international and national tourists. The state is located on the coastal line of western India and is richly bestowed with minerals. Goa, has great investment opportunities and established businesses that you can franchise ...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Daman & Diu (Daman & Diu, India) Daman & Diu located in Western India is a Union Territory. The city has a good number of Portuguese style architecture making it a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. Daman & Diu are a hub for many small and micro-scale ind...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Dadra & Nagar Haveli (Dadra & Nagar Haveli, India) Dadra and Nagar Haveli and two separate geographical entities located in western India. The Union Territory is not only a great tourist destination but also a home for a multitude of industrial sectors – ranging from small to large sectors. Dadra and Na...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh, India) Are you looking to start your own business? But not from scratch – then franchising is the right option you are looking at. If you are clear about the kind of business you would like to start with, then you need to have a clearer picture of the brand yo...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Chandigarh (Chandigarh, India) Chandigarh is a fast-growing union territory for startups. The UT is surrounded by Mohali and Panchkula, two other adjoining cities – making it Tricity of India. With the three cities, the chances of growth and opportunities are also tripled. Major sect...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Arunachal Pradesh (Arunachal Pradesh, India) Arunachal Pradesh located in North-Eastern part of our country, is a bounty of natural environment and is a place for peaceful retreat. It’s economy is largely agrarian, where in the business opportunities are still to be explored. Franbs has a catalogu...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Andaman & Nicobar (Andaman & Nicobar, India) Tourists favorite state, land filled with flora and fauna, a place where “minimal” is the core word – all these are synonymous with Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A destination where investing on business is a bright idea but picking the right ventur...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Punjab (Amritsar, India) Punjab is located in Northern India, is majorly into wheat and rice production. The state is largest producer of hand tools, bicycle components, and also into horticulture producing carrots, peas, mandarin, radish, and melon. The major industries that Pun...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Haryana (Faridabad, India) Haryana state is located in the northern part of India and is one of the leading industrialized state of our country. Haryana leads majority of country’s export for scientific instruments. The state is a home for many large-scale companies, and is also ...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Madhya Pradesh (Indore, India) Madhya Pradesh is located in Central India and is popularly known as “heart of India.” The state is abundantly endowed with mineral resources, a forerunner in food processing and horticulture crops. MP is an open market for the growth of many industri...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Bihar (Patna, India) Bihar is situated in Eastern India and is populous with rich minerals, variety of crops, they are leading producer of fruits and vegetables, fertilizing industry, jute production, and is a home for many franchising opportunities. The state is also open to...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Rajasthan (Jaipur, India) Rajasthan is situated in the northwestern part of India. The state is the largest producer of marble, limestone, sandstone, coarse cereals, coriander, blended fabric, and wool. Rajasthan is a hub for cement industries, and is the second-largest producer o...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Uttar Pradesh (Kanpur, India) Uttar Pradesh is a state located in Northern India, with key industrial corridors connected to the region. Food processing, information technology, textiles, handlooms and handicrafts, sports goods, and many more are part of the state’s core industries....  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Gujarat (Ahmedabad, India) Gujarat bordered by our neighboring nations and located on the coastal west of India is one of the fastest growing states of our country. The state comprises of multitude business opportunities as it’s a leader in varied sectors such as petrochemicals, ...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Telangana (Hyderabad, India) Telangana is another state southern India that ranks second highest contributor to India’s IT exports. It is also one of the major centers for IT industry, operational SEZs, and third largest producer of cotton. The state is a home for many industries f...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Tamil Nadu (Chennai, India) Tamilnadu, southIndian state, has the highest number of industries dealing in textiles, leather products, chemicals. The state is also the highest producer of eggs, flowers, tapioca, banana, and has the highest number of SEZs. Tamilnadu, is a state full ...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in West Bengal (Kolkata, India) West Bengal is Located on the east coast of India, West Bengal, is the second largest producer of tea, largest producer of vegetables, and home to the second highest number of MSMEs. The state is well connected national and international ways. Textiles, g...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Karnataka (Bangalore, India) Karnataka is located in South western region of India, is the IT hub of India and fourth largest technology sector across the globe. The other sectors that add feather to the state’s cap are: leader in exports of readymade garments, engineering good, je...  -
Thursday, 25 April, 2019
Franchise Business Opportunities in Delhi (Delhi, India) Delhi, capital territory of India, is urbanized to the largest extent and is also one of the fastest growing regions of our country. The territory and its surrounding areas are prominent for livestock and food production sector. The other sectors developi...  -
Franchise & Business Opportunities in Maharashtra (Mumbai, India) Maharashtra, lies on the western coastal of India and its capital Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India. The state has a good cluster of different industries and sectors. Few factoids of the state are: the state is the home for world’s large...  -
Wednesday, 17 April, 2019
Dominica Investment Visa Consultants - XIPHIAS Immigration (Bangalore, India) To highly qualified professionals who have proved their success in the market are eligible to get the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme that grants citizenship to those persons and their families who are capable of investing in a national fun...  -
Friday, 29 March, 2019
SARASOTA, FL SUSHI RESTAURANT FOR SALE (Denver, Colorado) PREMIER SARASOTA SUSHI RESTAURANT FOR SALE. Owners are motivated. E 2 Investor Visa qualified. Land and Building may also be available. JUST REDUCED! Profitable "dinner only". Go to WWW.BUSINESSBROKERWORLD.COM and sign the NDA to get full...  -