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Saturday, 20 August, 2016
Interior photographer  - Announcements / Other Mark Harrison is an experienced interior photographer. He has employed with many of the global
leading interior designers on projects around the world.He always takes great care to bring out the
best of the design. His work is all about attention to detail, everything has to be right from the
lighting, to the color, to the composition. He has an un...
Thursday, 11 August, 2016
Douglas Goodman  - Announcements / Events As stated by the pastor Douglas Goodman, people can trust much more about the Jesus Christ and those
demonstrates strong and exploits around each and every action. With the sound of god they will know
about that, with emphasis can get the word also. And moreover, our community provided relevant
outreaches based on community drama, fun days, evangel...
Monday, 08 August, 2016
Are you sure that you want to join illuminate society? Call now +27781462469 (25 ROSEBANK SANDTON)  - Announcements / Other Get Rich: Join Illuminate society in South Africa Call now +27781462469 Are you sure that you want
to join illuminate society? Call now +27781462469 I have been guiding many people through Spirit
guides from all over the World. I will reveal to you the secrets of your life, and mysteries of
the untold. Helping you to achieve your goals for su...
Friday, 05 August, 2016
V2vchurch  - Announcements / Events V2v community church is located in Harrow. V2vchurch cover many cultures as well as the gleeful
family church for those who devoted the Lord Jesus Christ and objectives to the blessings of God.
The church is dedicated and concentrated on the devotion of the Lord Jesus Christ and their new
value witness lies of each and every member participation an...