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Sunday, 16 July, 2017
SSD Power Loss Protection Technology (28 Genting Lane #08-07 Platinum 28,Singapore 34958) DRAM-less Design Flexxon SSD comes with a DRAM-less design to secure against power loss. Most SSDs
have an external DRAM, in which in-flight data can be lost during sudden power failures. Flexxon SSD
secures data with its innovate DRAM-less design, providing high performance and data integrity.
Supercapacitor Technology Supercapacitors ha...
Saturday, 15 July, 2017
PLP with Supercapacitor Technology (28 Genting Lane #08-07 Platinum 28,Singapore 34958) The Need For Power Loss Protection? Need to secure your data against unexpected power shutdowns?
Your wait is over - Flexxon’s SSD Power Loss protection offers the best-in-class data security
with DRAM-less design, reliable supercapacitors, and standalone tantalum capacitor array that lasts
for decades. High-performance data storage devi...